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About Us

Leyli creates ethically crafted goods, rooted in the rich textile heritage of Bengal and the practice of women artists around the world. 
We collaborate with artists and artisan groups who elevate the self-sustainability and livelihood of women around the world, from New York to Bengal.
Leyli means night, and she is the night-traveler and after-hours creator in us all.


Leyli™  celebrates master artisans who create museum-quality pieces that can be worn. Working hand-in-hand with dyers, weavers and seamstresses, we expand on time-honored textiles techniques with one-of-a kind luxury designs. 


In our first collaboration, we co-label with Living Blue, a social enterprise in northern Bangladesh which grows and extracts some of the world's finest natural indigo. Co-owned by farmers and women artisans, Living Blue is dedicated to expert craftsmanship, employing the time-honored techniques of shibori dyeing and kantha quilting.

Our next collaboration is with a women's jewelry and rug collective in the same region.


To make and promote goods that contribute the highest social benefit and the lowest environmental impact. 

To reawaken Bengal as a location of excellence in ethical luxury craftsmanship and slow fashion.


Fariba Alam is a visual artist and digital product ninja! Born in the U.S., her first professional experiences took her to Bangladesh as a Fulbright fellow. Working with Grameen Trust on a photography project portraying women's empowerment embedded her into a forever dream in which women in rural areas are lifted out of poverty through small loans and rural crafts.

Over the last fifteen years, Fariba has worked at the intersection of technology and design, for companies such as Estee Lauder Companies and Apple. She has volunteered her creative services to Sakhi for South Asian Women and The Acid Survivor's Foundation in Bangladesh. She is currently a volunteer for Turning Point, a community based, nonprofit organization addressing the needs of Muslim women and children in New York.

Armed with her digital branding experience, Fariba braids her artistic instincts, appreciation for master craft and a commitment to portraying women in the most powerful light, and Leyli is born.