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leyli is an ethical clothing brand, rooted in craftsmanship, rich textile stories, and natural processes.

leyli collaborates with artists and artisan groups who elevate the self-sustainability and livelihood of women.

leyli means night, and she is the nocturnal traveler and after-hours creator in us all.

Ethical & Fair Trade Partners

leyli x Living Blue 

leyli's first co-label is with Living Blue, a social enterprise that grows some of the world's finest natural indigo. Co-owned by artisans, Living Blue are experts in the time-honored techniques of shibori and kantha.

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Did you know? 90% of all indigo on the market is synthetic.

Our dyes and pigments are all natural and rooted in nature.

Historically, indigo is a natural dye extracted from the leaves of the indigofera plant.

Our Favorite Motif

Set on raw silk, the Sareeta uses the Japanese technique of Arashi.  Wrapping various sizes of strings around cloth on a column, we create a fading grid pattern, speaking to our obsession with lines fading out in organic arrangements. With generous silk folds, this scarf is a perfect versatile wrap.